Hello! I am Pavel and I am engineer. Our team have experience a lot of different directions. Like financial, retails, automotive etc. In our development solutions we use latest technologies (virtualizations, clusterization, monitoring, IoT) and bests practice (programming of cloud backend, web frontend, mobile like iOS and Android, and desktop applications, and hardware integrations). We are grateful to our customers from all over the world, Russia, Germany, Luxembourg and China.

Our competencies, which we improving everyday:
  • Languages (PHP, JS, C#, Object Pascal...)
  • Frameworks (Laravel, Phalcon, Angular, React Native...)
  • Repositories (Bitbucket, GitLab and GitHub)
  • Virtualizations (AWS, Azure, ESXi and Docker)
  • CI/CD deployments
  • Networks (routing, VLAN, VPN...)

E-mail: info@liftsoft.ru
Telegram: @liftsoft
LinkedIn: mihpa

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Pavel Mikhailiuk
Software Developer and Team Leader