Terms & conditions

Version as of October 5, 2022

  1. General provisions

    1. The present Terms and Conditions agreement (hereinafter referred to as the "Agreement") shall be referred to the Website https://liftsoft.ru (hereinafter referred to as the "Site").
    2. Website https://liftsoft.ru (Website) belongs to Sole Proprietor Mikhailiuk Pavel Alekseevich, registered August 1, 2005 as Primary State Registration Number 305246221300012, location Krasnoyarsk city (Site Owner).
    3. The present Agreement shall regulate relations between Site Administration and the Customer of the Site.
    4. The Administration of the Site shall reserve the right to change, add or delete items of this Agreement at any time without notifying the Customer.
    5. The Customer shall take personal responsibility for checking of the Agreement concerning the any amendments made to it.
  2. The Definitions

    1. The following terms have the following meaning for the purposes of this Agreement.
      1. An Internet resource - the Site https://liftsoft.ru, containing information about the services of the Owner of the Site, allowing to make the selection, order and (or) purchase of the Service.
      2. Site Administration - authorized employees for Site Management acting on behalf of the Site Owner.
      3. Customer of the Site (hereinafter referred to as the Customer) - a person who has access to the Site through the Internet and uses the Site.
      4. The content of the Site (hereinafter referred to as Content) - protected results of intellectual activity, including the design, structure, selection, coordination, appearance, overall style and location of the given Content, part of the Site and other objects of intellectual property all together and/or separately contained on the site of the Internet resource.
  3. Subject of the Agreement

    1. The subject of this Agreement shall be to provide the Customer with access to the services provided by the Site.
      1. The Internet resource shall provide the Customer the following types of services (services):
        • access to electronic content free of charge, with the right to view content;
        • access to search and navigation facilities of the Internet resource;
        • access to information about services free of charge;
      2. This Agreement shall apply to all existing (actually functioning) services (services) of the Internet resource, as well as any subsequent modifications thereof and additional services (services) of the Internet resource appearing in the future.
    2. Internet access shall be provided free of charge.
    3. This Agreement is a public offer. By clicking – I agree with the terms – Customer shall be deemed to enter the Agreement.
    4. Use of materials and services of the Site shall be regulated by the norms of the RF current legislation.
  4. Rights and Obligations of the Parties

    1. Site Administration shall be entitled:
      1. To change the terms of use of the Site, as well as the content of this Site. The changes shall enter into force on the date of publication of the new version of the Agreement on the Site.
      2. To restrict access to the Site in case of violation by the Customer of the terms of this Agreement.
    2. The Customer shall be entitled:
      1. To get access for using of the Site.
      2. To make an application and receive a service in which the Customer shall be interested.
    3. The Customer of the Site shall undertake:
      1. To provide, upon request of the Site Administration, additional information that is directly related to the services provided by this Site.
      2. To respect the property and non-property rights of authors and other rights holders when using the Site.
      3. Do not take actions that may be considered to disrupt the normal operation of the Site.
      4. Do not distribute through the Site any confidential and protected information about individuals or legal entities.
      5. To avoid any actions that may violate the confidentiality of information protected by the RF legislation of the Russian Federation.
      6. Do not use the Site to distribute information of an advertising nature, except with the consent of the Site Administration.
      7. Do not use the services of the Internet resource site for the purpose of:
        1. downloading content that is illegal, violates any rights of third parties; propagates violence, cruelty, hatred and (or) discrimination on racial, national, gender, religious, social grounds; contains incorrect information and (or) Insults directed at specific persons, organizations, authorities.
        2. inducement to commit unlawful acts and assistance to persons whose actions are aimed at violating the restrictions and prohibitions in force in the territory of the Russian Federation.
        3. violations of the rights of minors and (or) any form of harm to them.
        4. minority rights abuses.
        5. representing oneself for another person or representative of the organization and (or) community without sufficient rights to that, including for employees of this Internet resource.
        6. misleading the properties and characteristics of any service provided by the Website Owner.
    4. The Customer shall be prohibited to:
      1. Use any devices, programs, procedures, algorithms and methods, automatic devices or equivalent manual processes to access, acquire, copy or monitor the content of the Site of this Internet resource;
      2. Disrupt the proper functioning of the Site;
      3. In any way avoid the navigation structure of the Site to receive or attempt to obtain any information, documents or materials by any means that are not specifically represented by the services of this Site;
      4. Unauthorized access to the functions of the Site, any other systems or networks related to this Site, as well as any services offered on the Site;
      5. Breach security or authentication on the Site or on any network related to the Site.
      6. Perform a reverse search, track or attempt to track any information about any other Customer of the Site.
      7. To use the Site and its Contents for any purposes prohibited by the RF legislation, as well as to incite any illegal activities or other activities violating the rights of the Internet resource or other persons.
  5. Using of the Site

    1. The Site and the Content of the Site are owned and managed by the Site Administration.
    2. The content of the Site may not be copied, published, reproduced, transmitted or distributed in any way, and also placed in the global network «Internet» without the prior written consent of the Site Administration.
    3. The content of the Site is protected by copyright, trademark law, as well as other rights related to intellectual property, and legislation on unfair competition.
  6. The liability

    1. Any losses which the Customer may suffer in case of deliberate or negligent violation of any provision of this Agreement, as well as due to unauthorized access to communications of other Customer, shall not be compensated by the Administration of the Site.
    2. The Administration of the Site shall not be liable for:
      1. Delays or interruptions in the transaction caused by force majeure, as well as any case of malfunctions in telecommunications, computer, electrical and other related systems.
      2. Transfer systems, banks, payment systems and delays related to their work.
      3. The proper functioning of the Site, in case the Customer does not have the necessary technical means for its use, as well as no obligation to provide Customers with such means.
    3. The Сustomer shall be liable for the interpretation and use of the content (information) placed on the Site.
  7. Аgreement violation

    1. The Administration of the Site has the right to disclose any information collected about the Customer of this Site, if the disclosure is necessary in connection with the investigation or complaint regarding the improper use of the Site or for establishing (identification) the Customer who may violate or interfere with the rights of the Site Administration or other Site Customers.
    2. The administration of the Site shall be entitled to disclose information about the Customer if the current RF legislation requires or permits such disclosure.
    3. In case the Customer has violated this Agreement or the terms of use of the Site contained in other documents, as well as in case of termination of the Site either due to technical failure or problem the Administration of the Site shall be entitled, without prior notification of the Customer, to terminate and (or) block access to the Site.
    4. The Administration of the Site shall not be liable to the Customer or third parties for termination of access to the Site in case of violation by the Customer of any provision of this Agreement or other document containing the terms of use of the Site.
  8. Settlement of disputes

    1. In the event of any disagreement or dispute between the Parties of the Agreement, the submission of a claim (a written proposal for a voluntary settlement of the dispute) is obligatory prior to application to the court.
    2. The recipient of the claim shall, within 30 (30) calendar days of receipt, notify the claimant in writing the claim review results.
    3. In case the dispute shall not be resolved peacefully, any of the Parties shall have the right to apply to the court for protection of their rights granted to them by the current RF legislation.
  9. Additional terms

    1. The Administration of the Site shall not accept counter-proposals from the Customer concerning changes to this Agreement.
    2. Customer’s feedback posted on the Site shall not be confidential information and can be used by the Site Administration without any restrictions.