About us

–°ompany was founded in 2005 in Krasnoyarsk city by Mr. Pavel Mikhailiuk like a Sole Proprietor. Main activity is software development. Our team have experience a lot of different directions. Like TV production, financial, retails, automotive etc. In our development solutions we use latest technologies, virtualizations, clusterization, monitoring, IoT. As well as bests practice programming, cloud backend, web frontend, fullstack, desktop applications, hardware integrations, creating mobile applications for iOS and Android. We are grateful to our customers from all over the world, Russia, Germany, Luxembourg and China / Hong Kong for cooperation.

In 2022 was founded limited liability company - Liftsoft LLC, about software development in Russia.

The basic cost of a standard hour of one employee is 40 euros.

Photo: Mr. Pavel Mikhailiuk


2024 Mailtrap technology (e-mail testing system), Worldwide PHP | Drupal PHP | Laravel TypeScript | Angular Elasticsearch S3
2020 Docflow system, Russia PHP | Laravel TypeScript | Angular PWA Elasticsearch Apache Kafka ClickHouse S3
2019 E-casino entertainment portal (website and mobile applications), Germany, China PHP | Phalcon Swift | Xcode Kotlin | Android Studio React Native Azure
2017 E-shop, Russia PHP | Wordpress WooCommerce
2016 Electric scooter (firmware, mobile applications, management web-console for vendor and assembly line quality control system), Luxembourg, Germany, Italy C++ | Qt Go PHP | Phalcon Swift | Xcode Kotlin | Android Studio React Native Azure Kubernetes IoT OSM Augmented Reality NetSuite
2015 Docflow system, Russia PHP | Symfony jQuery
2014 E-shop, Worldwide PHP | Wordpress WooCommerce Google Shopping
2013 Car license plate recognition system, Russia C# | Visual Studio ArcGIS
2012 E-shop (500 thousand of computer items onboard), Russia PHP | HostCMS Yandex.Market
2011 Trading robots system (futures), Russia Object Pascal | Delphi QUIK
2011 Earthquake alarming system, Russia PHP | Wordpress Google Maps SMPP
2008 Commercial banking business day accounting system, Russia C# | Visual Studio
2007 Recruitment agency automation system, Russia Object Pascal | Delphi
2006 Investment products accounting system (mutual funds, trust management, depositary, specialized depositary and private pension fund), Russia C# | Visual Studio
2005 Docflow system, Russia Object Pascal | Delphi
2002 Lottery ticket sales system (circulation and instant tickets), Russia Object Pascal | Delphi
2001 Accounting system for sales of computer and office equipment, Russia Object Pascal | Delphi ISAPI
1999 Ticketing system for shuttle buses and river vessels, Russia Object Pascal | Delphi ASM x86

Additional information

  • Database systems Microsoft SQL Server Oracle Firebird PostgreSQL MySQL MongoDB ClickHouse
  • Automated testing Selenium Cypress
  • REST API integrations with other systems
  • Monitoring system Zabbix
  • Routing MikroTik Ubiquiti CISCO pfSense
  • System administration Active Directory | Windows Linux FreeBSD

Non-disclosure agreement

Some projects are not subject to disclosure, they are not listed in the History.